What you will learn

  • 1

    Welcome + Introduction

    • Hello from your Instructor

    • Getting to know you

    • What you will learn

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    HAIR 101

    • Hair Texture

    • Hair Density

    • How Temperature Impacts Curl

  • 3

    Understanding Your Tools

    • Tool Material + Quality

    • Hair Kit Check List

  • 4

    The Theory Of Sectioning

    • How To Create Clean Sections

    • Section Placement

    • Section Size

  • 5

    Theory Of Curl Direction + Section Placement

    • Curl Direction

    • Section Placement

  • 6

    Back to Base-ics

    • Bases Speak Volume

  • 7

    Theory Recap

    • Let's Recap

  • 8

    Clipped Curling Iron

    • The Roll Up vs. Feed Through Method

    • Traditional Ribbon Curl

    • Ridged Ribbon Curl

    • Rope Curl 3 Ways

    • Irregular Wave

    • Single Barrel Wave

  • 9

    Clipless Wand

    • Traditional Flat Wand Wrap (Horizontal)

    • Flat Wand Wrap (Vertical)

    • Traditional Ridge Wand Wrap

    • Spiral Wand Wrap

  • 10

    Flat Iron

    • Traditional Flat Iron Texture

    • Modern Elongated Iron Curls

    • Flat Iron Rope Curl

    • Zig Zag Wave

    • Flat S-Wave

    • Ruffle Wave

    • Flat Iron Pin Curl

  • 11

    Why Arn't My Curls Holding?

    • Troubleshooting

  • 12

    Test Your Creativity

    • How to Manipulate the Texture

    • Congrats!

About Your Instructor

Sarah Thibodeau

Lead Educator

Sarah has rocked the bridal beauty scene as a fully-licensed hairstylist and makeup artist since 2011.​ She founded and operates her thriving bridal beauty company Teased Bridal in Ontario, Canada and her salon, Pretty Little Parlour, to provide exceptional, contemporary styling services.​

She and her team of 6 mobile hair and makeup artists have worked with hundreds of brides, and have established themselves as one of the most sought-after wedding companies in Ontario.

Sarah's approachability and warmth, coupled with her beautiful aesthetic and natural talent for styling has attracted a loyal following of clients. Her work has been featured in Style Me Pretty, Elegant Wedding Magazine, Wedding Chicks, Every Last Detail, Glamour & Grace, just to name a few.​

Sarah's earnest dedication to helping other stylists learn how to expand their skill-set, her methodical delivery of technical education, and her honest sharing of the ins and outs of working with brides, make for the most accessible and rich education that a budding stylist can hope for.

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